Pig Holiday Set

Made for the true pig figurine collector, the Pig Holiday set is made in the spirit of fun. Pig holiday figurines are hand sculpted from a polymer clay. Each one is individually handmade and eyes are painted on making each a unique pig collectible. Because they are hand made, each set will vary in the exact shape and color but will be very similar to what is pictured. A decorative bag of straw is included. The tallest figurine in the set is approximately 3¼ inches in height. Moss can be purchased at your local craft store if you prefer to use it as a base.

Sorry, but I wasn't prepared enough for making more sets this year. Below is all I have left and I'm unsure if I will be able to make anymore in the future. Life changes happen and I am losing my ability to do as much as I would like.
I will update this page as they sell out.

pig holiday set of 9

These are the last sets available for 2022, only 3 left.

#914 Pig Holiday Set
9 figurines with straw for base included.
20% discount off individual prices.


Pig Angel
Pig Angel #910 ($15.95) Only 4 left for 2022
3" tall

Pig Sheep
Pig in Sheep suit #907 ($15.95) Only 3 left for 2022
1¼ tall

Shipping to US addresses is a flat rate of $4.95 for any size order.

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