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Cody sammy jake molly

Picture of all my furkids waiting for one of their favorite treats peas and green beans. The also love carrots.

Sammy needing a haircut, again!

Sammy enjoyed playing in the snow.

My Daughter and her 2 dogs Tank and Panzer with Cody and Jake

Cody meeting Panzer for the 1st time.

Jake and Sammy after haircuts

Cody keeping an eye on me while I work.


Sammy ready for haircut

Cody...Mr. Personality
Cody's Mom is a full blooded Pekinese. I think Papa was a Pomeranian mixed with cat, squirrel and fish!

Cody wouldn't move for the longest time once the kitten decided to nap on his tail.

Cody taking a nap with kittens.
Mama was a stray cat who showed up one day and had 9 kittens.

My little Shih Tzu Pepper. Pepper passed away in May 2009 due to liver failure, he was 15 and will be missed always.

Just love this picture of one of the kittens.
Cody actually helped deliver the kittens and even helped Mom in cleaning them.
I think he thinks he is their Mom.

2011 Molly & Jake with Cody.

Molly (aprox. 5 yrs old) and Jake (aprox. 2 yrs. old). After losing Pepper, Cody and I decided to add another member to our family but ended up with 2 new furkids. Their background is very sketchy and I don't even know their original names or ages. The vet gave his best estimate at age and they have learned their new names. They are both larger Lhasa Apso's and Molly appears to be a Lhasa Poodle mix. They came as a pair and we are happy to have them.
Jake         Molly
Sweet Molly
Molly and Cody

Gentle Jake

Jake and Cody

Ella...Our "CH" rescued cat.

Sammy B-day 7-21-2010...adopted October 2010
Sammy is a ShihApso and said she needed to come home with us. Although she is the baby in the family she has pretty much taken over. Very strong Lhasa personality.

Sammy w/Monkey toy

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