For those of you who would like to make your own ornaments the following will show you how I make the pig tree ornaments on my site.
There are different ways this could be done using different types of tools but I found the basics work very well. I hope you will find the following information and pictures helpful.

The first thing I do is drill a small hole through the top of the tree to attach the hanging cord later. Then I paint and embellish the wooden tree cutout. I use craft acrylic paints, glitter and buffalo snowflakes. Next I use a heat embossing gun to help dry and set the buffalo snowflakes onto the tree base.
Make Tree instructions

Because I make so many I create a sheet of pig faces at a time so start by conditioning the clay. I've blended white with the pink clay to get the piggy color I want. Then I make small round balls of clay and press them onto the sheet of paper.

sheet of pig faces

Now using craft acrylic paints I paint the eyes on the faces. I have created waterslide decals of my painted eyes that I have used on the faces also. As much as I like the painting the eyes for each it is very time consuming and the decals are helpful. They take a lot of time to cut and shape but less time than painting and are a little more exact on the shape.

paint the eyes

Next I add the ears and noses to the faces. Use a stylus tool to make the little holes in the noses.

add the ears and noses

Now I add the santa hats. Using a pasta machine on a thin setting I make a flat sheet of white to use on the hats for the personalization.

add the santa hat

add the santa hat

Now the sheet is ready for baking. I bake at 265 for 30 minutes. I use sheets of cardboard on a cookie sheet as my cooking pan. The cardboard prevents the clay from burning on the bottom and the cardboard will not catch fire at the low temperature.

ready for baking

After the sheet of faces has been baked and allowed to cool I glue the faces, candy canes and a scroll for personalization onto the tree base. Then I apply a coating of polyurethane glaze to the entire piece and let dry overnight. I apply a second coat of glaze and let dry overnight again.

To finish the ornament I place a gold cord for hanging the ornament and outline the eyes.

apply a coating of glaze


Have Fun!

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